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Not all pieces survive, unfortunately. The shattered roundel has become a new mosaic vase, however, that will be posted soon! I think I’ve corrected my problem concerning holes in the bottoms.

Two frit-colored vases, one with matching sculpted flower.

Feb 7

Gold ruby vase, light amber brown vase.

Night blue and grey crackled horn with a silver dragon painted around it with glass enamels.

Work I’ve been doing now that I’ve started Advanced Glassblowing class!

My first double-neck vase.

My first double-neck vase.

Nov 8

New pieces! Pale fushsia overlay vase and two other form experiments.

Nov 5

Experiments with burning holes. The last was my first attempt, and the red piece obviously my first successful. The clear punty “button” has since been removed and smoothed away. Also featuring a pastel drawing I did of the piece.

More things I made last semester, some sandblasted. Started out with overlay colors.

Some OLD work.